October 16, 2019

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Three Easy Steps to Drive Home In a New Car

Yes, just three easy steps. I’ve developed a straight, simple and fast process that will get you into a new car and off of our lot in a jiffy. Here’s  how it goes Call or text me, I’ll send you a Link with a quick, fast form to fill … takes about 3 – 5 […]

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So You Want to Buy a Car

I have some great information to share with you. Whether you’re considering the purchase of a car, wondering how finance works, or perhaps just morbidly curious. Maybe you just have a few questions, and that’s alright too. Trying to navigate the world of used car sales can be a bit scary, but I can help […]

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Rare and Fantastic Toyota Avalon

I have loved the Avalon since it’s inception, one of the best sedans ever made. They are not easy to come by on a car lot, when you do find one, it’s usually got about 150 – 200,000 miles on it (which is perfectly OK with Toyota product). This one has under 1ook, it runs […]

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This little Audi A4 is absolutely beautiful, it is MINT! Clean inside and out, and with just 70k miles.   Some might say, this car looks a lot expensive than a typical $6000 car. And they are correct. We go through 50 – 70 cars a month here, hundreds of cars in a year and […]

Daily Drivers

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This site is under construction. Intended Launch Date is June of this year.

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