January 26, 2020

Car Sales from a Car Professional

Yes, just three easy steps. I’ve developed a straight, simple and fast process that will get you into a new car and off of our lot in a jiffy. Here’s  how it goes

Call or text me, I’ll send you a Link with a quick, fast form to fill … takes about 3 – 5 minute

Once I’ve got this, I’ll call and arrange a time to come in and drive a few cars (immediately is ok

We gather a few forms, sign a few documents, issue a Registration, hand you the Keys

Maybe you have credit challenges and think you might not be approved? Doesn’t matter. I’ve got great resources, from which to pull and the most excellent finance pros in the business.

Maybe you still owe a lot of money on your current vehicle and feel buried in it? Doesn’t matter. I’ll crunch some numbers, call some banks and see about getting you out from under it … and into something different.

Maybe you just have questions and nothing more. Great! call, text or email and I’ll get you some fast answers and great help. I’ll slap my name in your Rollodex for a rainy day (and future reference).

Here’s the thing: over half the people who think they might want a new car are intimidated by the process, and actually disqualify themselves! Even before making that phone call or visiting a lot. Crazy, right?

SO … make your first phone call to me and I’ll get you squared away. I’m honest, reliable, smart, VERY good at what I do (and I do it with Integrity). I can  get you into a new car today and probably help repair your credit at the same time, if you need that.


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